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Inverness Properties

Before the rebranding to RISE, the company I worked for was called Inverness Properties, which had its own look and feel. To the left is an eblast campaign I worked on, as well as a corporate brochure below. The look of Inverness Properties was clean and simple, with a gold, maroon, and black color palette.


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Offering Memorandum

Office Plaza at Inverness is a three-building, 93,314 SF office complex located in Inverness Park that Inverness Properties put on the market. As part of the package to attract potential buyers, I was in charge of the design and layout of the 72-page Offering Memorandum that contains pertinent information about the building, its financials, location aerials, and current market information. This is no small task, as there are many things to pull together at once, all with a cohesive look.