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Proposal Design

While working at Wenk Associates, a landscape architecture firm, I was able to use my graphic design skills to design, manage, and produce numerous proposals to gain new work for the team. The proposals were typically 25-75 page bound books–often entirely digital–with relevant information on the scope of the project, applicable previous work, staff bios and various charts and graphs. The trick in all proposals is to make the pages easy to read and visually organized and appealing, all while showcasing the strengths of the firm.

This 50-page proposal was given to the City of Wheat Ridge in an effort to turn an existing site into a dynamic neighborhood park. I utilized the Wheat Ridge logo and color scheme throughout the pages as design elements, while following the specific guidelines from the City.


Print  Proposals

A 50-page proposal was given to the City of Denver to help reclaim the brownfields in the Denver area. A key component in producing proposals is making sure all internal staff members and sub-contractors get their text, resumes and project examples to you in a timely fashion. Efficient and clear communication to all team members makes this a smooth process!


Print  Proposals

This proposal was a 30-page book given to the City of Greenwood Village to revitalize the regional connections within their existing open space.