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Vibrant graphic designer with experience in developing engaging and innovative digital and print designs for clients in several industries. Highly adept at visual strategy, layout development, branding, and print and new media advertising. Demonstrated success working in collaborative environments to conceptualize and execute effective marketing collateral. Seeking to help clients achieve business development and business growth goals through forward-thinking graphic designs and strategies.

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I have a light-hearted approach to the things that I do. Because of this (and maybe my Irish background!), I like to think that my enthusiasm is contagious. I am upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do. Let’s go have fun!


Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. Forming relationships between things that aren’t typically related, is the key to creativity to me. I excel at putting ideas into a visual reality.


Design really is the visual form of communication. I am a master at organizing many seemingly unrelated parts and turning those pieces into something that beautifully conveys a thought. The process takes perseverance, a strong visual sense, and lots and lots of verbal communication to get it right.


To me, accomplishing a goal while being part of team is part of the reason to work in the first place. I like to bounce ideas off other people, have fun while doing it, and create something unique because of the synergy within the team. True teamwork creates a spectacular end result!


Have you ever cried while looking at a piece of art because it’s so beautiful? I have. if I were independently wealthy, I would still need art and design in my life. I would need to create it, look at it, and have it around me. To me, this is what makes life worth living, so needless to say, I’m passionate about the work I create.

Good Conversation

This may sound kind of silly, but I really get fired up making a connection with another person. I am intrigued with their unique qualities; What’s their story? What makes them tick? What do they have to teach me? And just like that, BOOM! A creative idea can be born!