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E79 Jewelry Website


Capitalizing on the teal and cream colors in the logo, the E79 website continues the look and feel of the new Element 79 brand. Colorful jewelry photos and graphics help pull the viewer in, making shopping easy.



KLW Coaching Website 

The first ever site for Kathrine Weissner Coaching is colorful and energetic, just like the coach herself! Amazing photographs, along with emphasis on the script typeface help create the dynamic site.



ISG’s website


As the website focused solely on ISG, this site needed to show the breadth of services ISG provides, as well as the experience of the technicians. The services and team pages do just that, in a eye-catching and dynamic way. The site is clean and uses bright colors and photos, with a emphasis on making it easy for the viewer to contact ISG for a quote. It also maintains the diagonal design the ISG brand is now known for.



LBA Website 

The new site for Lantz-Boggio Architects is clean, modern and easy to navigate with a lot of white space and emphasis placed on their photographs and renderings.



RISE Commercial

The other task was to create a website for the Brokerage side, utilizing the new look and keeping the design consistent. In order to make the site dynamic and engaging, a lot of time was taken to make each detail stand out. For example, I created custom icons that demonstrated RISE’s specific strengths.



A Website for the Building

The website for 188 Inverness Drive West was a key tool the brokers used to lease office space in the building. Potential tenants can find out pertinent information about the building, as well as download the brochure and floorplans. This simple website was based on the design I created for the building.